House Cleaning Prices

Our flat rate prices are based on thoroughly cleaning the 101 items on our Classic Cleaning checklist .

Classic Cleaning Prices

All flate rates include your kitchen, common areas, bedrooms & one bathroom, on 1 or 2 levels. Each additional full bathroom is + $20. Each additional half bathroom is + $12. Each additional level (over two) is + $25.

Special Request Options

The following services are time consuming, require additional resources & are not included on our Classic Cleaning Checklist. However, we offer affordable prices for these additional services & you can request only the extra tasks you need done.

  • Each additional level (over 2) + $25.
  • Each additional bathroom (over 1) + $20.
  • Each additional half bathroom is + $12.
  • Cleaning inside the fridge + $30.
  • Cleaning inside the oven + $50.
  • Washing inside of empty cabinets + $10. each
  • Cleaning washer & dryer + $45.

If you would like to add any of the above Special Request Options, please contact us with at least 48 hours notice prior to your cleaning so we can bring the appropriate equipment and adjust the schedule if necessary.

Move In / Out Cleaning Prices

Our Moving In / Out Cleanings are exceptionally rigorous and detailed. We are ready to tackle the dust and grime that may have accumulated unnoticed for years. We clean and sanitize from top to bottom, giving you a stress-free moving day and a more pleasant welcome to your new home.

Moving In / Out Cleaning

Simply take the one-time flat rate above ($100. for a studio, $113. for a 1 bedroom, etc.) which includes the extensive cleaning services on our Classic Cleaning Checklist.

For an additional $130. your Moving In / Out Cleaning also includes these in-depth cleaning services:

  • Standard refrigerator cleaned inside & out
  • Oven cleaned inside & out
  • Washroom vanities & medicine cabinets cleaned inside & out
  • All electrical face plates cleaned
  • Cobwebs removed throughout

Our Classic Cleanings include dusting and washing all reachable surfaces in the kitchen, and bathrooms, plus dusting, vacuuming and mopping in the bedrooms/offices, hallways, common areas and other rooms.

The Moving In / Out Cleaning checklist is based on the home being completely empty. If you want to book a cleaning but will not be finished moving out yet, or have already moved into your new home, please select the Classic Cleaning option, and the regular rates apply for any Special Request Options that you choose.

Customize Your Moving In / Out Cleaning

Tailor your Moving In / Out Cleaning to include only the extra services you want from the following list:

  • Each additional bathroom $20.
  • Each additional half bathroom is + $12.
  • Door, frame & handles washed $15. per door
  • Kitchen cabinets $10. each section
  • Kitchen drawers $10. each set
  • Dishwasher inside & out $30.
  • Microwave inside & out $10.
  • Standing freezer inside & out - if thawed $30.
  • Washer & dryer inside & out $45./both

Simply let us know which tasks you need & we'll take it from there to make your moving day a smoother one.

For Our Safety & Your Peace of Mind

We take the following measures to prevent damages to the floors, walls, fixtures & items in your home. We also take care to keep our cleaning experts safe & healthy so they can continue to do a great job!

What We Don't Clean

  • Lifting of heavy items (e.g. furniture that can damage floors)
  • Extremely delicate items (eg. inside of china cabinets)
  • Dishes
  • Surfaces above arms reach (ceiling fans, chandeliers, tops of cupboards, etc.)
  • Animal waste or items contaminated with bodily fluids
  • Mold or rust removal
  • Removal of trash, recycling or compost