Safe and Effective Green Cleaning

Rediscovering what has been know for generations, cleaning and disinfecting can be done without the need for products that have a negative effect on our world.

All Natural Ingredients

We are proud to offer environmentally friendly cleaning to downtown Toronto, the Beaches & Scarborough. Using cleaning products that do not harm our ecosystem is vital. It is also of the utmost importance to leave all spaces sanitized for your family's health and well being. Our green cleaning products fulfill both of these important requirements.

Green Cleaning Products

Poisons are absolutely not necessary to clean! Squeaky Green is committed to making your home absolutely sparkle; we assure you a clean sanitized space without the negative health impact of using nasty chemicals. Our green cleaning products are not explosive, flammable, or poisonous. The Suzuki Foundation has a very informative article about cleaning products found on grocery store shelves.

Peace of Mind

We feel it is important to fully disclose the ingredients in our green cleaning products. Below is a complete list of the ingredients we use to make our green eco-friendly cleansers: