We Don’t Take Anyone’s Garbage (anymore)

A foot of snow atop a garbage bin and a recycling bin. Our cleaning experts work indoors and are not prepared for this.
Image by Ann

Learning the Hard Way

We used to empty garbage,  recycling and compost receptacles throughout each home, then take them outside as part of our comprehensive service. However, as a professional cleaning company who’s been in business for almost a decade, we’ve learned a few things over the years and this is one thing that creates more problems than it’s worth. Here’s why we don’t take anyone’s garbage anymore:

Hunting for or Carrying Bags for Every Size of Bin

Everyone has a wide variety of shapes and sizes of waste bins inside their homes. That means that once we’d removed the liners, we’d either have to carry and replace a myriad sizes of bags, or figure out where everyone stored these bags. This may sound like a small thing, but a lot of time can be wasted searching for bags when they are in a different place in each home. Then there would be the matter of informing the homeowner when each type of bag was running low.

It’s not always sunny and summertime out there

Professional cleaners work indoors and are dressed for it. Cleaning vigorously for many hours a day is a great way to exercise and that naturally causes one to perspire. When we used to take out the trash, we have become extremely cold while searching for, or struggling to open racoon-proofed bins outside in the rain. Sometimes the bins are surrounded by, or covered by deep snow (we do live in Canada, after all). Yet after working up a sweat cleaning, then hitting the cold air outdoors, it’s no time to start fiddling with bungee cords while holding stinky garbage and freezing one’s butt off.

Carrying Garbage can make a person smell of …. Garbage

Logically, it makes sense to collect the trash and take it out when the cleaning team is already changing shoes to go outside at the end of the appointment. However, that is the worst time to get liquid drippings of compost, or any gross odours on hands, clothing, or shoes.

Our customers want their cleaners to arrive clean

You wouldn’t want your cleaning experts to show up to clean your home smelling like garbage, or covered in mud, or drenched and freezing. Our cleaning teams feel the same way! We come to clean, so it is important that we arrive in a clean condition in order to do our jobs well. So now you know all of the very good reasons why we’ve put our collective foot down on taking out the trash.

Not Talking Trash, Converting Trash into Treasure

The truth is, we all make too much trash, yet some very creative people have turned trash into amazing treasure. Check out this link to the Art of Garbage. I think it’s genius. Beautiful. Super visionary. What do you think?