Abrasive cleaning tools can be dangerous!

This ball of coiled metal is a seriously harsh scouring tool. This ball of coiled metal is a seriously harsh scouring tool.
Image by Joe Crawford

In many of the homes we have visited to clean over the years, we’ve seen clear evidence of irreversible damages done by using harsh abrasive tools.

Harsh abrasives can seriously damage stainless steel appliances

One client had a brand new stainless steel fridge that had been scoured with a very scratchy abrasive sponge. They had clearly rubbed the abrasive pad in circles that became etched across the vertical lines from the manufacturing process. They had just bought the $2,500. fridge. It was not replaceable because they bought it on sale as an end of a line product. With a lot of physical effort, using the same scratchy pad, in careful up and down strokes, most of the circles were later erased. But it didn’t look perfectly brand new any more. Here are some tips on cleaning stainless steel using baking soda, vinegar & olive oil.

Abrasive pads can damage many kitchen & bathroom surfaces

The wrong scrubbing pad can easily rub the paint or varnish right off of cupboards! We have witnessed many homes where the evidence speaks for itself. Cupboards covered with little patches of finish rubbed off looks terrible.

Stiff abrasive scouring pads can also rub the enamel off of toilets, sinks and tubs. We have witnessed tiles that obviously had the enamel rubbed off with steel wool as well.

It only takes a minute to read the directions and do a spot test

It is critical to use the right tool for the job. Renovations are expensive. So if you love your home, you’ll take the time to read the directions and even to do a test spot in an inconspicuous place to ensure the safety of the finishes on the items in your home. When using extremely abrasive cleaning tools, the damages can happen fast and can be completely irreversible. So, BEWARE! Carefully read the packaging to determine the specific uses recommended for that particular scrubbing pad.

Squeaky Green is proud to use non-scratching cleaning tools and natural cleaning methods that won’t harm your family or your home sweet home. We love to share what we’ve learned to help make cleaning easier and safer for everyone.